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Automation & Remote Management

In your house (domotics – home automation):
Shall you use a myriad of remote controls, switches and remember the correct sequence to control

- TV / projector / Home Theatre / Multiroom Audio

- Heating / cooling

- Lights internal / external

- Dampers / gates

- Burglar Alarm

- Surveillance cameras

- irrigation

and are you tired tired with these complications?

  Now, all this is no longer necessary.

The home automation solutions designed and installed by BL Acoustics will allow you to make even the most complex operations by pressing a button on a touch panel or on your tablet, while sitting on the couch or while on holiday at the other corner of the world!

Professional systems (building automation):

  To meet the needs of modern communications, your conference room is usually equipped with:

- Audio / conference system / mixing console

- Video system/ video conference system / video cameras

- Video source (DVD / computer)

- Projector / monitor / videowall

- Motorized screen / dimming system

- Audio – video recording system

- Lighting system


- It’s necessary to employ technical staff to use the system, with the inevitable increase in costs of management?

- Have you tried to run the systems by yourself, but you have realized that it is difficult to make work properly all these complicated equipment?

  No more need for an audio video technician managing all the equipments!

After a careful examination about your needs, BL Acoustics will design an EXTREMELY RELIABLE AND EASY TO USE automation system, different from all the other systems on the market. You will control all the devices either by pressing a single button on a keypad or by touching an icon on a touch panel.

You won’t have to worry about the multitude of operations to be performed on many devices in the right sequence, because the automation system will perform everything for you.

Remote Management

  By the activation of the “remote control” option, BL Acoustics takes care of the  remote management of systems installed at your facility.

Our technicians will be able to fully manage remote events that should occur in the hall, operating to meet particular needs in real time (change in volume microphones, etc..).

This service grants a substantial cost reduction compared to technicians operating the conference room.